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Veins Running Through Her Skin

via Daily Prompt: Sleeve




She wakes up when the indigo sky still crowning the peaceful horizon

Rushing water come across from the back yard

As the melodiously creaking old wells is heard in a steadfast calm

Her veins running through her skin

As if it tells you about her extraordinary ways to start the day


Little did the blaring sun does for her determination as she wears her Caping hat

Clasping sounds heard faintly when her bare feet touched the rich soils

Mud and sods are her beautiful ornaments on her rolled sleeves clothes

As if it tells you about her arduous days that become limited each every minute


The sweet twilight hues accompanies her and her children who passionately tried to be the first one who tell their own adventures

Under her humble and decent roof

Rice and the vegetables from her harvest season are laid out on her dining table

Enough to bring the joy for her family and other people out there


But as night creeping in, the silence amplified the rumbling sound of a giant chimney

New era they said

Smoke and dust floating in the air

As if it tells her, the time is coming



Photo by Eduardo Prim on Unsplash



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Inchoate Feeling

Inchoate Feeling


via Daily Prompt: Inchoate

I remember the first time you said hi to me
Never thought that little harmless hi would lead me to this messy inchoate feeling

Maybe it was because of your good morning texts are the first that I encountered
every time I open my eyes first thing first in the morning
Or maybe because of your insistent silly good night texts
with a perfect amount of memes and silly jokes here and there are last thing I ever see before I closed my eyes

But I hate this kind of limbo feeling
You turn hot you turn cold
You lead me on and off and on and off
You open every faucet of emotions that I’ve had successfully tried to hold tight with no trace of leaks

It was like a slightly annoyed feeling of peanut jelly that stuck on your palate after you ate your sandwich.
Or maybe like a little prickle numb feeling in your fingers when you go outside to shove the snow on the roadside.
You know, just like an inconvenience necessity you must go through
just for your own sake later

But sometimes I have to ask myself
Is this incipient excitement worth to fight?
Sometimes I have to ask myself
Who has to convince myself to go forward
Me, or the one who said hi to me in the first place

unsplash-logoMegan Savoie

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via Daily Prompt: Churn


My insides are churned

Every time before this very moment


Your heart beats wildly

Boom Boom Boom

And your legs are shaking uncontrollably

Tap Tap Tap

And your mouth talks unsoundly

Replaying a mantra over, and over, and over

Don’t let me fall

Don’t let me fall

Don’t let me fall


Ladies and Gentlemen…

That’s the cue!


Blinding lights

Thundering claps

Encouraging smiles


I step to the unknown

My insides are churned

But I move forward and standing still


And it is okay

That’s half of a battle

I still came out as a winner


Credit picture: unsplash-logoPaul Green

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via Daily Prompt: Invisible



Lurking beneath the facade you put everyday

Fueled you

Motivates you

Lifts you up

Brings you down


You can name it

Affectionately or despicably

You can mold it

A profound lie or an ultimate truth


You said it is an invisible thing

Intangible and uncounted


But I beg to differ

It crawls under my skin

As palpable as a darkness

And I count on every fiber being of me to make it stop


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


Alluring Blush

via Daily Prompt: Blush


Credit picture:


What is possibly more alluring than watching her blushed?

Slow burning amber

The color burst within a moment

Strokes of red and splashes of soft rose on a blank canvas

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Kau baik-baik saja, kan?

Rasanya seperti terganjal sesuatu

Tak melulu kau rasakan itu

Hanya ketika kau terlalu dalam menekan ingatan

Atau tak sengaja mendengar lantunan lagu

Yang menggiring lagi rasa yang tak tertumpu

Rasanya seperti memandang luruhan pasir

Sekejap mata tak terlihat ada yang hilang

Namun waktu menangkap jeli kikisan massa yang terbang

Seperti senyummu,

ada binar mata yang meredup

Setiap mereka bertanya, kau baik-baik saja, kan?

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

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Persimpangan Jalan


Credit picture:

Hello peeps!

I’m ready for the next chapter. If you haven’t read my previous Chapter, please read Chapter 6, My Little Grasshopper.

Just FYI, aku akan update chapter ini di beberapa media platform di bawah ini.

Menurutku semua media sama saja, and I don’t really care from which sources you read my stories. My objectives here is to share my stories and you could enjoy reading it 🙂

But in addition, here are the links of my works in other platforms. You could visit there and take a little look.


akun Wattpad:

akun GWP:

Without further ado, please enjoy Akira and Kay!


Waiting for the sun 

Drifting under moon

 Indigo sky


Blinking amber light 

A truck passes by 

The roaring sounds 


Waiting for the sign 

Standing on the line

Maybe you’re dreaming 


Stumble on a stone 

Nowhere left to hide 

Take another breath 


Standing on the line, 

between giving up and trying, 

more My heartbeat goes on, 

between giving up and trying 


– Akeboshi, Standing on the Line –



Setibanya di rumah, Kayandra masih merasa apa yang dialaminya di Morning Mist tadi sore begitu absurd dan di luar perkiraannya. Bayangkan, niatnya ke sana adalah untuk melepaskan penat karena baru saja putus dengan Dimas, tapi akhirnya ia malah mendapat bonus berkenalan dengan cowok tampan yang Kayandra yakin 100% masih memiliki darah keturunan Jepang.

Senyum masih mengembang lebar di wajahnya tatkala Asoka, si adik tengilnya menyapa dari patio rumahnya.

“Ngapain lo senyum-senyum begitu?” Mendengar itu senyum Kayandra langsung lenyap. “Mau tau aja, adik kecil.” Balas Kay sembari menjulurkan lidahnya. Tak mau kalah, Asoka ikut menjulurkan lidahnya dan mengangkat hidungnya lebar-lebar menyerupai babi. Childish memang, tapi memang hal salah satu hal yang paling mengasyikkan ketika Kay berada di rumah adalah menggoda adiknya.

“Mama di mana, Dik?” tanya Kay saat melihat keadaan rumah begitu sepi dan Asoka sibuk memetik gitar sambal sesekali menuliskan sesuatu di secarik kertas dan melihat rumah begitu sepi.

“Biasa, di ruang workshop.” Timpalnya.

“Sudah berapa lama Mama di sana? Apa sudah makan malam? Apa kamu sudah makan malam?” Cecar Kay. Ia tahu persis kebiasaan Mama jika sudah tenggelam di dalam workshop-nya.

“Entahlah, dari sore tadi lampu ruang workshop sudah menyala. Dan ya, tadi gue sudah masak ayam lada hitam dan kentang tumbuk, salad sisa kemarin juga masih tersisa di kulkas. Kusisakan untukmu dan Mama. Tinggal panaskan saja ayam dan kentangnya di microwave.

Yeah, Asoka ataupun dirinya yang bergantian menyiapkan makan malam merupakan rutinitas di rumah ini. Apalagi jika Mama sudah sibuk berkutat dalam workshop. Tidak akan mengenal waktu. Tidak ada yang bisa menghentikannya kecuali atas keinginan mama sendiri. Mereka berdua terpaksa bertumbuh mandiri karena keadaan.

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