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Alluring Blush


via Daily Prompt: Blush


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What is possibly more alluring than watching her blushed?

Slow burning amber

The color burst within a moment

Strokes of red and splashes of soft rose on a blank canvas

A glimpse of the thundering heart

A  fleeting touch amidst sweet nothings

A string of giggles over small mementos


It feels like watching a dawn breaking

A true sight to behold

Breathtaking and buoyant


Just like a dawn in the morning

Never moved nor adrift

Just merely there

Waiting for you to catch the right time




Author: juwitamarch

A full time employee, an editor on the go, but a writer by heart

6 thoughts on “Alluring Blush

  1. This was a pure bliss to read. Very beautifully penned.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dude. This is cute.
    You know what, never realize that i miss writing until i open my blog

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